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We’ve been helping clients with their technical and business problems for a long time, 25 years to be exact. This wide-ranging knowledge and understanding allows us to provide a service which leverages our years of experience to not only cope with, but help our clients excel in this ever changing, complex and fragmented market landscape.

RTS comprises of three key pillars which we believe are the core drivers that will make companies successful today. These three pillars are underpinned by a simple methodology of assessing where you are now, planning where you need to be and delivering a solution on time and to budget – supporting you throughout and after the solution has been implemented.

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Our Methodology is simple

25 years of experience dictates there are three fundamental
components to consider during the undertaking of any project.

Our offering

25 years of experience dictates there are three fundamental
components to consider during the undertaking of any project.

In a continuous changing environment, to remain competitive, organisations must go through their own transformation. Just keeping pace with the continual changes involved in engaging and interacting with employees; satisfying increasing customers’ demands or staying steps ahead of competitors is an ongoing quandary.

The necessity to respond faster to the market, operate in real time and deliver personalised experiences cannot happen organically. This business requirement needs to be managed. This is where RTS steps in.

Whether you are integrating legacy systems with new technology, transforming all or part of your business, or simply building a website – RTS can help.

Randstad Technologies has the expertise to help companies navigate the critical challenges of adopting & evolving their business to be more efficient and productive.

Through process improvement & robotic process automation, we can help identify key opportunities for optimisation.

In addition, the need for adoption of any new process or technology is pivotal to it achieving the intended optimal success.

With this in mind we provide effective strategies for communicating & managing change, as well as up-skilling & training the workforce.

With the ongoing changes in environments, be they in your office, private or public cloud, or a blended solution – the specialist skills required today have diversified dramatically.

RTS has the resources to either supplement your existing capability (Do with You), or offer you a completely managed service (Do for You) – taking care of developed assets, existing systems, COTS or SASS systems.

With dedicated teams and real-time feedback on operations and SLA’s, we provide organisations with both the trust and transparency to ensure business critical systems and environments are sustained and remain operational.

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