Over 25 Years Experience

We’ve been helping clients with their technical and business problems for over 25 years. This wide-ranging knowledge and understanding allows us to provide a service which leverages our years of experience to not only cope with, but help our clients excel in this ever changing, complex and fragmented market landscape.

RTS comprises of three key pillars which we believe are the core drivers that will make companies successful today. These three pillars are underpinned by a simple methodology of assessing where you are now, planning where you need to be and delivering a solution on time and to budget – supporting you throughout and after the solution has been implemented.

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Our offering

Our ability to support & guide you through
your journey transcends 3 core practices

In a continuous changing environment, to remain competitive, organisations must go through their own transformation. Just keeping pace with the continual changes involved in engaging and interacting with employees; satisfying increasing customers’ demands or staying steps ahead of competitors is an ongoing quandary.

The necessity to respond faster to the market, operate in real time and deliver personalised experiences cannot happen organically. This business requirement needs to be managed. This is where RTS steps in.

Whether you are integrating legacy systems with new technology, transforming all or part of your business, or simply building a website – RTS can help.

RTS has the expertise to help companies navigate the critical challenges of adopting & evolving their business to be more efficient and productive.

Through process improvement & robotic process automation, we can help identify key opportunities for optimisation.

In addition, the need for adoption of any new process or technology is pivotal to it achieving the intended optimal success.

With this in mind we provide effective strategies for communicating & managing change, as well as up-skilling & training the workforce.

With the ongoing changes in environments, be they in your office, private or public cloud, or a blended solution – the specialist skills required today have diversified dramatically.

RTS has the resources to either supplement your existing capability (Do with You), or offer you a completely managed service (Do for You) – taking care of developed assets, existing systems, COTS or SASS systems.

With dedicated teams and real-time feedback on operations and SLA’s, we provide organisations with both the trust and transparency to ensure business critical systems and environments are sustained and remain operational.

Our Methodology is simple

25 years of experience dictates there are three fundamental components to consider during the
undertaking of any project.

People, Process and Technology. Our approach allows us to understand what our clients want to achieve,
by identifying the critical success factors and ensuring they are aligned to the sought project outcomes.

Our proven success methodology encompasses four components, each of which can be
applied to any stage of a project, they are: Assess, Plan, Deliver and Support.

A common pitfall when organisations set about initiating a project is not effectively assessing their problem prior to planning and developing a solution. This very often results in a misalignment of objectives and strategies leading to a failure to meet the needs and aspirations of both customers and employees.

Our assessment phase can provide you with a clear understanding of:

  • Stakeholder expectations – The results expected
  • Current technical architecture
  • Capability analysis of current situation
  • The performance gaps and barriers between the reality and desired results
  • Recommendations of the best approach
  • Roadmap on how to achieve your strategy from where you are now
  • Resources required for a strong business case

In the Planning phase, we’ll develop a specific blueprint to take you from where you are now to where you want to be. Specifying the planning journey will walk you through the strategic and incremental steps where we’ll:

  • Identify and assess where implementing the recommendations is expected to save money
  • Identify which parts of the organisation would be impacted by the recommendations
  • Highlight the specific systems and processes which will be focused on throughout the project
  • Plot deliverables against an agreed upon timeline
  • Summarise the project goals, milestones, gaps and barriers.

This blueprint will set the solid foundation for your success and ensure we deliver to your requirements on time and on budget.

Once we’ve agreed on the Plan, we’ll apply the precise methodology to ensure we deliver as planned.  We understand that managing a complex and distributed systems landscape is difficult without a centralised project management and governance function. So, we can provide both the food and tools necessary to:

  • Manage the requirements,
  • Configuration,
  • Project and task management and,
  • Team reporting.

We’ll work collaboratively with you to make sure you are up to date and kept in the picture with all project developments.  This can be done on your site, ours or a hybrid of both.

Once our Service is delivered, most of our clients would prefer to be independent of us. That said, we work with you to ensure that we are here to support you, beyond go-live. Our support can be a light touch or a full managed service.

We tailor a solution to meet your exact needs to ensure our relationship stays healthy and strong. We can provide on-shore and near shore teams that can support you all the way from 1st line through to 4th line. Alternatively, we can also arrange SME’s with post go-live or warranty support to ensure continuity for our implemented solutions.

RTS will provide you with a dedicated service delivery manager to co-ordinate the operation working seamlessly with your internal team allowing them to use their time more efficiently by focusing on strategic priorities.

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